The 15.6″ Defiance literally defies the odds by being an ultra-powerful gaming notebook in an extra slim package, At less than 19mm high and weighing just 1.9Kg.

Designed for high end gaming, the 15.6″ Defiance features a powerful Intel™ Core™ i7 CPU coupled with the very latest NVIDIA® GeForce® GTX. Together this makes the 15.6″ Defiance an extremely powerful Laptop that can handle almost anything you can throw at it.


Intel® Core™ i7-7700HQ

Unprecedented power and responsiveness, paired with easy, built-in security, means you can work, play and create as quickly and seamlessly as your heart desires. Plus, by enabling superior 4K resolution, Intel® Core™ processors will have you feeling immersed in entertainment like never before, whether at home or on the go.

NVIDIA® GeForce® GTX 1060

For the first time ever, all GeForce GTX GPUs are available in laptops as thin as 18mm. an innovative approach to designing the world’s thinnest, fastest, and quietest gaming laptops. Everything’s engineered for the ultimate thin gaming laptop experience, including the laptop, chip, drivers, thermal and electrical components, and more.

DDR4 Memory Support

DDR4 is the latest memory module available in PCs and laptops, and makes way for faster memory speeds and larger module capacities than its predecessor DDR3. Not only that, but the power consumption has also been reduced by 20% meaning less heat is produced.

ANSP™ 3D Sound Technology

ANSP™ 3D Sound Technology on headphone output. 
With Studio and Broadcast audio equipment you can add spacious effects to audio streams, such as “Panorama”, “Ambiance” and “Reverb” to restore more vivid reflection. 

SuperSpeed USB 3.1

With transfer speeds of 480Mbps USB 3.1 offers upto 40 times greater bandwith than pervious USB formats such as 1.1. The best thing about it is that USB 3.0 is backwards compatible, so even though there are few devices out there at the moment which will use the full potential of USB 3.0, your USB 2.0 devices will still benefit from faster transfer speeds.

2.0MP Webcam

With an integrated webcam as standard, there is no time lost in connecting external webcams and no extra weight and messy wires to carry around. Great for keeping up appearances with your friends & family, or alternatively a nice feature which will allow you to video conference with your colleagues while you’re on the move!

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Weight 5 kg




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