Drone n Base

Drone n Base is an indoor drone designed for gaming. From singleplayer augmented reality game packed with laser shots and explosions to thrilling races above checkpoints and power-ups and all inside your living room. Multiplayer games will make every party unique and many other games will entertain you for hours. Play with your drone against other players or against your drone in an AR game.


Don’t worry if you have never flown a drone. Drone n Base academy will teach you step by step how to fly drone safely and quickly as well. Missions are easy and completing them is really fun.

Multiplayer Race & Battle

Base can be checkpoint or power-up. Set base into Nitro or Freeze power-up and create unique racing track. Depends only on your creativity. Do you think that racing is easy? Turn on the shooting mode and then you can shoot at your opponents to slow them down. If you don’t want to race you can just play Battle shooting game with 3D acrobatics when somebody hits you.


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