Capture journeys and road incidents in high quality with the 512GW Dash Cam By Nextbase. It records in Quad HD 2560 x 1440 with a Sony Exmore R Sensor that enhances images captured in dim or bright conditions.

Make sure you get as much into each scene as possible. The camera’s 140° ultra-wide angle lens captures the road ahead, as well as traffic or sidewalk detail from each side – road signs, road markings and number plates.

Shoot sharper videos with six layers of glass and an anti-glare polarising filter to cut out reflections.

Send videos directly to your iOS or Android smartphone or tablet with built-in WiFi. Sharing footage is easy with the free Nextbase app – ideal when you’re in an urgent situation, contacting your insurer or simply taking in a beautiful view.

Attach the dash cam without hassle using its Click & Go powered magnetic GPS mount – there are no wires to worry about with its magnets and touch points. Remove it easily for safety or to transfer to another vehicle.

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