Olympus Stylus 1 Compact Digital Camera – Black


  • 12MP 1/1.7″-type BSI CMOS sensor
  • 28-300mm equivalent optically-stabilized F2.8 lens
  • Two-mode (click/free turning) control dial
  • Built-in 3 EV Neutral Density filter
  • 1.44M dot LCD electronic viewfinder
  • 1.04M dot 3″ tilting touchscreen rear LCD
  • Built-in Wi-Fi with smartphone control


Stylus 1

Combining the best of STYLUS technologies, the OM-D series and D-SLR photography, the STYLUS 1 is a breed of camera that deserves a whole category of its own. The incredible i.ZUIKO DIGITAL lens lets you zoom up close to your subjects from vast distances with 10.7x magnification, all at a constant bright aperture of 1:2.8. STYLUS 1 is also the ideal tool for venturing into more specialist forms of photography. Whether you’re looking to bring depth and blur to your portraits, freeze-frame every detail in a macro scene, or explore long exposure times at night, STYLUS 1 is superbly equipped to let you achieve your photographic goals. With a host of high-precision technologies at your disposal, you can look forward to the image quality you expect from an exceptional high-end camera, no matter what and where you’re shooting. Regardless of how much walking or travelling you undertake with your STYLUS 1, its remarkably slim-line design means it won’t ever slow you down.

Technologies that Perform in Every Discipline

You’d like to rely on your camera to secure the exact shot you want, however challenging the odds? STYLUS 1 delivers the performance to get the job done. Adopted OM-D E-M5 technologies like the Electronic Viewfinder deliver greater control and a larger view of what you’re shooting than ever, even before you press the shutter. Overall image quality also meets a pro standard thanks to built-in iHS technologies, which are harnessed by the large-size BSI CMOS sensor (1/1.7″) and TruePic VI processor, which in turn make full use of the i.ZUIKO DIGITAL lens with its exceptional precision. The result is high-speed, low-noise imaging, giving you magnificently sharp shots even in low light and at far distances. It is robustly constructed to perform under pressure on the outside too.

High performing Electronic Viewfinder. Outstanding Vision in any light

The 1.44 million dot Electronic Viewfinder built into the STYLUS 1 is a brighter way to take pictures in more ways than one: With a field coverage of 100%, it outperforms the field coverage of entry-level D-SLR cameras and features a backlight that is automatically adjusted to match changes in ambient light. This way you always have your subject in clear view, even in very bright or dim conditions. A high resolution of 1.44 million pixels is matched with a high-speed response of 25 ms. That’s so little time lag that you won’t notice the difference to real time. Switching back and forth between the rear LCD and the viewfinder display could not be easier: all you have to do is look through the EVF and the in-built eye sensor will automatically detect usage. Once you have your eye up to the viewfinder, you can even preview images with Art Filters giving you amazing vision and control before you even take your shot.

Built-in WiFi: Shoot From your Phone, Assign GPS and Share your Shots

This feature gives you a number of options with the OI.Share app to try out new things in your stills and movies and make life more convenient at the same time. Ultra-fast and extra-simple, it offers you full wireless control of certain features from your smartphone’s touchscreen – like the shutter release, giving you far more freedom to move around whilst you take shots, and dramatically reducing the risk of camera shake. This is particularly useful when shooting in low light or trying to achieve long-exposure effects. You can also apply geotags from your phone to specific shots you take on your camera, to keep precise track of where you took them. Plus, add a striking look to your shots by assigning one of 11 Art Filters to each photo you take straight from your smartphone. STYLUS 1 makes sharing your images via your smartphone with friends and family easier than ever too – anytime, anywhere.

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