Kick off the FIFA 18 football season in amazing HDR quality graphics with PS4 Pro. Includes a matching Jet Black DUALSHOCK4 wireless controller and EA SPORTS FIFA 18 on Blu-ray Disc. This set also features exclusive content to give you a head start building your online FIFA Ultimate Team squad.

Go beyond 1080p with the Sony PlayStation 4 Pro Gaming Console

With updated graphics architecture and support for 4K gaming, the PS4 Pro provides increased detail, higher-resolution graphics, and faster or more stable frame rates than the original PS4. High Dynamic Range (HDR) gaming and content is also supported, which takes advantage of increased color depth and contrast on compatible displays. The PlayStation 4 Pro also allows for 4K video playback from streaming services, such as Netflix and YouTube.  

PS4 Pro HD

Every PS4 game displays from 1080p to 1440p on a standard HD TV with PS4 Pro.

Dynamic 4K gaming

Enhanced upscaling techniques can boost game resolution to approach 4K clarity.

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